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Business Intelligence for SME's


Headway BI brings together all the critical information you need to fuel your business success
Business Control at Your Fingertips

An Enterprise-grade Business Intelligence System, without the need for an Enterprise-sized IT team or budget.

We are Business Performance Specialists and Executive Advisors, 

committed to your vision and the achievement of your Business Outcomes.

Headway 6 Principles - What You Need

The right measures to inform your business performance.

Delivered regularly and reliably

In a consistent, easy-to-read format.

So you can quickly prioritise critical issues.

Hold your Leadership Team accountable.

Enabling you to focus on more strategic matters.


Product Features and Measurable Benefits

Overall company performance with clear line-of-sight down to every business function

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KPI Performance at a Glance.png

KPI Performance Overview at a glance

KPI Performance History with Baselines and Targets

KPI Benefits Impact.png

Measurable Benefits

Results Achieved - Specialist Manufacturing Company

Reduction in Revenue Leakage


Reduction in Operating Cost


Improvement in  Working Capital


  • What is Headway?
    Headway is an Australian technology company. We have identified a significant gap in the market and as a result we are launching Headway Outcomes, a Business Intelligence system to compete against the large overseas brands. Headway BI is the only Business Intelligence System designed specifically for SME’s
  • What is a Business Intelligence (BI) System?
    A business intelligence System brings together all the critical information you need to fuel your business success. It's the ‘secret sauce’ of big business. Every successful large business depends on their BI system But they are priced outside the reach of SME’s. This is an unfair situation, one we are committed to fixing.
  • What's different about Headway BI?
    Existing BI solutions are too complex and too expensive for SME’s. They are designed for large corporates and they won’t give you what you need. We are ‘Business Advisers’, not 'Data Scientists'. We work strategically top-down, not bottom-up. We know what you need and will partner with you to improve your Business Outcomes.

What our Clients Say

"These KPI's means I now understand what's really happening in my business. I can absolutely see how I can now effectively run it from the beach"

Founder/CEO, Manufacturing Business

Let's have a conversation...

Business Founders & CEO’s

  • The business has grown beyond your personal reach, and you need to shift from ‘managing by gut feel’ to ‘managing by numbers’. You need to regain a healthy work/life balance and set your company up with a system that will allow it to grow and scale without your direct and constant involvement.

Business Owners & Directors

  • You have a Managing Director in place to grow and scale your business but in order to protect and optimise your investment you need a way to track business performance (and executive performance). This will allow you to make additional investments and manage them effectively at arms length.

CFO’s, CIO’s, COO’s

  • You have been tasked with measuring and improving business performance, but to do this you need to influence the executive team and business owners; get everyone aligned and on-board; you need to shift the culture so that everyone is focussed on what’s most important and moving in the same direction.



Enrique Ugarte,

CEO/Head of Client Advisory

1300 229 556

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